Join us for a benefit concert presented by Virgin Mobile!

Hey Vancouver fans – join us at Venue Nightclub on December 1 for a benefit concert presented by Virgin Mobile. Proceeds will go to the RE*Generation movement to help create opportunities for at-risk and homeless youth in Vancouver. Should be a great night for a great cause!

Find out more about RE*Generation at <a href="" title=""></a>

Buy tickets <a href="">here</a>!

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Hello Jay and Eon!!!
This is Zachariah Lange, and I don't know if you remember me, but you guys let me join you and the band on stage back for the entire 3rd set in July/2007!!! You were very generous and gave me a "chipped" guitar pic, the song list and you even signed your first CD: ROOT FIRE!!! I am still in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada and I'd love to hookup with you again. Jay, if you remember, you'd said you'd wish and wanted to sing with me (not making this up, Jay, I promise!). So if you're around, please call me at: 905-834-8317 (Eastern Standard Time), or E-mail me at: <a href=""></a>, I truely love your sound and all that you guys stand for!
~P.S.~ I still sing to myself.......but I'd be much better with you, Jay and all of Bedouin! Please contact me at the above listed "address's". Much love and respect, Zachariah Lange.
With Gassho, Me. (With Gassho means: "I respect you Always" in Japanese, part of the Buddhism I still study...)